Plasma Promise with cold plasma flame moving in background

Plasma Promise

Aerospace engineer Michael Keidar has spent his career studying the physics of plasma and how to harness this fourth state of matter for real-world applications. His research is yielding big results in everything from satellite propulsion to cancer treatments.

mRNA Vaccine Moonshot with a background photo of a virus

mRNA Vaccine Moonshot

mRNA vaccines changed the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now GW researchers are developing these vaccines to treat and prevent diseases from cancer and HIV to malaria and shingles.


"From Synapse to Silicon" text over computer chip illustration

From Synapse to Silicon

GW researchers are on the forefront of a revolution in computer hardware innovation—designing and fabricating computer chips that take inspiration from the human brain.

Agents of Change

Agents of Change

For the past decade, the Global Women’s Institute has helped build the evidence base on violence against women and girls and what works to prevent gender-based violence. Where does it go from here?






Building Bridges with Communities: Q&A with Sherrie Flynt Wallington

Building Bridges with Communities

In December 2020, George Washington University School of Nursing Associate Professor Sherrie Flynt Wallington and colleagues launched a research project focused on the roles of fathers in addressing disparities in maternal mortality.


Air (E)Quality for All

The most polluted neighborhoods in the United States are also the most disadvantaged. Research at GW aims to shine a light on this inequity—and effect policy change.


Land of Ice & Fire

More than 4 million people live in the Arctic, where climate change is progressing faster than on the rest of the planet. Researchers across GW are working to help sustain their cities, infrastructures and cultures.


Closing America's Homeownership Gap

Boosting homeownership among black households in America begins with owning up to a history of racial discrimination in the real estate and mortgage industries.